Investment Management:

WEA's core investment-management principles are:

  • Providing solid returns with strong capital protection
  • Diversification
  • Matching asset allocations to clients' risk profiles and investment time frames
  • Simplicity and transparency

Our offerings include:

  • Protect and Grow - HY Bond Strategy
  • Protected Market Index Equity Strategy
  • Protect and Grow - ST Bond Strategy

WEA's Protect and Grow - HY bond strategy aims to provide strong growth under most market conditions, and annual capital protection under virtually all market conditions. Specifically, the strategy strives to achieve average annual returns surpassing the better of 8% or 3% above the Merrill Lynch 1-3 year total corporate bond index. Under virtually all market conditions, the strategy portfolio should have positive annual returns with minimal down months. WEA's asset management team began developing Protect and Grow in 1999, and started managing money with it in 2000.

WEA's Protected Market Index strategy aims to achieve higher returns than the S&P 500 Index during most six-month periods, and to limit semi-annual losses to 10%, even when the Index's losses exceed this amount. The strategy uses conservative option investments and high-yield bond positions to achieve these results. WEA's asset management team started developing the Protected Market Index Strategy in 2003, and began managing money with it in 2006.

The Protect and Grow - ST strategy aims to provide very strong capital protection and near-term growth. Specifically, the strategy looks to provide annual returns (after all fees and commissions) greater than 1.5% above its one-year Treasury benchmark. WEA began managing money with this strategy in 2005.

Implementation via Managed Accounts
WEA's investment products are offered through 'managed accounts.' These are brokerage accounts opened in clients' names, in which WEA is granted limited power of attorney to buy and sell securities. Each client's assets are held by a brokerage for the client - WEA does not take custody of clients' managed accounts.

For more information on WEA's investment products, please contact:

  • Anthony Webster, Partner
  • 917-992-2885

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